Study on Amended Ecodesign Working Plan
under the Ecodesign Directive

(remaining energy-using and new energy-related products)

Welcome / final words

Welcome to the website of the study for the Amended Ecodesign Working Plan.

This study provides the European Commission and the stakeholders of the Consulation Forum with background information and analysis in order to establish the (second) Working Plan. The Working Plan sets out an indicative list of product groups which are considered priorities for the adoption of implementing measures under the Ecodesign Directive.

The study started mid November 2010 and was finalised in December 2011 and was carried out for the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry) by VHK, The Netherlands (*).

The Final Reports are available on the 'Documents' section of this webiste.

This project website will remain online ('passively') for approximately another three years (end 2014). Updating, active registration and feedback of the study website are however disabled and/or removed.


Final words

We, the VHK study team, would like to thank all who have contributed to this study, either by sending in comments/feedback, by being available for questions or by being involved in other ways. Your inputs were indispensable to the study and they were highly appreciated by us.

Martijn van Elburg (project leader)



If you would like to read more about the background of this study, then please visit the Introduction.

What's new?

9 Jan 2012

Publication of FINAL REPORTS - end of study


(*) Service Contract SI2.574204.
The study follows tender 2/PP/ENT/IMA/10/111032 for the "Study on an amended working plan under the Eco-design Directive (remaining energy-using products and new energy-related products)"


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